Listen And Believe

by L.A.B

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This self-titled EP is L.A.B's debut release featuring totally original compositions steeped in soul, jazz, rhythm and blues and hip-hop flavour.

You have to listen to believe it.


released April 27, 2015

1. Zerox (5.39)
2. Care Enough (5.08)
3. 17 Degrees (6.05)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ross Ahmad at 32 Bit Studios
All songs written, performed and produced by L.A.B

© L.A.B 2015
All rights reserved.

Album art by Sharul Amir

Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



all rights reserved


L.A.B Singapore

L.A.B is a Singapore-based Soul, Hip-hop, Jazz quartet formed in September 2012 featuring Michaela Therese(vo), Aya Sekine(keys), Tim De Cotta(bass/vo) and Teo Jia Rong(drums). Born out of a love for limitless experimentation in 2012, and open examination in music, L.A.B’s original material is tough to be categorised under any genre - the world of music is always their bigger picture. ... more

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Track Name: Care Enough
She sits enraged by the television, papers
On the news
All they talk about is war and fighting, killing
And the bruises
On her face are a sin
if you think about it
God, look at that, that child's so thin
What's he eating out of
So then she tears
As she watches thinking,
Aren't we in a year
Where we can say, we don't fear and they will hear
But she says nothing, presses button, shakes her head, "times are tough"
Mug in the sink, another day
She doesn't care enough

She doesn't care enough

God, if you're watching from a distance, you're too far
At our hands
So much blood, they are led to the slaughter
Like your lamb
And no one cares if He came and if He died
Or if the innocent is lame 'cause he was maimed
It's whose side you're on
So he bellows
About change, about trust
But he's mellow, disappointing, way to slow, position's sallow
And again he shakes his head, "my hands are tied, times are tough"
Sign over here, another day,
He doesn't care enough

He doesn't care enough

Care enough
We got to care enough

Do you care enough?
Ask yourselves
Do you care enough?
Track Name: 17 Degrees
It's a feeling, can you feel it?
It stirs you, it gives you breath to breathe, gets inside you
It moves you
We can hardly stand the wait,
Everything in motion
Leaving the commotion behind

Something about you
I remember the way it makes me feel
Can't touch it, can't hold it
But tangible, believe you me it's real

You feel it, I feel it
It holds me, for a while

Can you feel it
It's something special
But when you touch it
It fades - away

Rocking and rolling
Feeling cool in the sunlight, so bright
You tease me, you make me smile, you ground me
Going from the day into the night

No matter where I end up
New York or Sydney
Or Tokyo, Berlin, London, Syracuse
I feel the chill and the calm that reminds me
My spirit can be put to better use

No matter where I end up
New York or Sydney
Or Tokyo, Berlin, London, Syracuse
I feel the chill and the calm that reminds me that I...

I got to go
I gotta let you know
I got to flow
You gotta let me go

Ah ah ah

No matter where I end up
New York or Sydney
Or Tokyo, Berlin, London, Syracuse
I feel the chill and the calm that reminds me
My spirit can be put to better use
Track Name: Zerox
You only got your own

Why can't people see that it's all about the feeling
Don't know why you so concerned with all the kissing and pleasing ass
While you wanna make money-but all you ask is
What am I about, what makes me different in the class

What they doin'?
How come they so good at it, look at it
Don't you see they so good at it?
I don't know I dont get it
I was never good at it, how come they so good at it
I wish I was good at it
Imma copy all of it
Ok Imma copy all of it

You only got your own
Why compromise your tone?

Get their follows, steal their likes
Way they dress and their thunder
But you don't understand the way it really works
Under all that polish
Once you demolish the facade, break down their solid guard
Motherfucker, it ain't easy, damn it's hard

Disregard what you thought it took once upon a time
In your fairy tale poem calling it a real rhyme
The grime is what it’s missing
True stories keep it grippin'
Mad lyricism, harmonic highs that keep trippin'
Highs that keep trippin'

You only got your own
Why compromise your tone?
Cos when you make the choice
You're using your own voice

Rise above the fraud, now you know it, oh lord
Don’t be thinkin' you the king cos you found a new chord
Head back to the basics and face it
Genius is a blessing so stop tryna disgrace it

Embrace it, cos when it comes it swoops, oh so fleeting
Leaves your heart beating, reeling, with the need to create
Meditate, levitate your mind to a higher state
Berate your primitive inclination
Then you elevate

You only got your own
Don't compromise your tone
You gotta make the choice
To hear it in your voice
It's time to elevate
There's so much to create
You've never lost or won
You just go back to one

To the state of being original
Close to the elements
The stars, it’s empirical
Talk about the elephants
The scars of mankind on the world and each other
Talk about life and death, heaven and the world under

Life is passing, pass it on, don't hold onto to your anger
Let your ego go smile, appreciate one another
I am your brother
Different mothers may be true
But love is God, love is King
And that's what's all around you

Show how it astounds you
Cos this is what grounds you
Keep looking all around you
Cos this is what grounds you

Just take a look around you
Cos that's the thing that grounds you

Look up to the trees
Smile at the birds and bees
Get down and get dirty
Find your roots on your knees
Pray to the sun
As it rises and falls
For its the beginning, the middle
And the royal end all

Stand tall
Salute the universe
From the eye of the nebula
Your soul gains rebirth
Live and die, that's eternal
Start and end all the same
Never ending paradox
There is no end game

Take a look around you
Don't you see

Don't you see
Can't copy me